Making Changes

Making Changes

When I decide to do something, I tend to go through a cycle that looks something like this:

  1. Plow into it head-first
  2. Flip my whole world upside down to attack it
  3. Get overwhelmed
  4. Feel defeated
  5. Quit
  6. Agonize that the problem is still there
  7. Worry that it’ll always be there
  8. Entertain lies that I’m not _____ enough
  9. Shake off that stinking thinking
  10. Decide on a new plan
  11. Repeat the cycle

That’s how it usually goes with dieting, new cleaning routines, new parenting techniques, etc.

It’s obviously not working.

I’m finally starting to learn that the best way for me to make lasting changes is to take them on slowly and purposefully. I can make a small adjustment to my routine and keep doing it until I get really good at it and then make another small adjustment. And then bam! One day I’ll have accomplished that goal.

We’re powerful women who truly can do whatever we set our minds to do. Let’s do this!!!

Dealing With Divorce

Dealing With Divorce

This was a major life change that carried some pretty heavy emotions. I was very introspective at the time.

I went through a divorce in 2010. I moved with my two kids (ages 4 and 2) from Southern California up to Washington State to live with my dad.

There seemed to be new pains to deal with lurking around every corner. Before this point, I would drink or flirt or find some other distraction to get me through a hard time. But God had taken my hand and I knew I didn’t have to live that way anymore.

I found healing and I grew stronger. I developed better coping strategies.

Here are some of the things I did:

  • Got really busy. I tried to fill up every day of my calendar with at least one extra activity. This kept me from focusing solely on my divorce.
  • Met with a pastor a few times. We talked through everything that led up to my divorce and then some. We prayed and I experienced significant spiritual healing.
  • Regularly met with a mentor. This woman was gracious. She listened well and loved me through my divorce.
  • Took a divorce recovery course at church. I didn’t share very much with these people because I was still pretty guarded, but I did learn about developing healthy relationships.

I think the bravest thing I did was trust God and let safe people in. It freed me from being trapped inside my own head.

I got through it ladies! I found that my happily ever after is simply to rest in Jesus! No matter what comes my way, He’ll get me through it. He’ll do the same for you. 💕

💕When You Fall Short

💕When You Fall Short

We often struggle with the fear that we’re not “enough” in our roles in life.

The sick, sad truth is that in the eyes of “people”, we really aren’t.

No matter how good we do, we will inevitably fail at some point, and somebody will have something to say about it. We may even think we’re doing pretty darn good, only to find out that someone thinks we still don’t measure up.

What to do?

When we start to think that we’re not enough, we need to remember two things:

  1. We are neither perfect nor all-knowing. We will mess stuff all-kinds-of up. It’s just human nature. We perfectionist-types would do well to just accept that fact. And part of the reason we mess up is that we can’t foresee everything. We can prepare for some things, but we can get blindsided and not know how to deal right away. And, that’s great! It’s a learning opportunity. Let’s make a choice, right now, to view every new challenge as a good thing. It’s going to make us better.
  2. People are flat-out impossible to please. People complain about everything! In the summer, it’s “too hot”…in the fall the temperature fluctuates “too much”…in the winter it’s “too cold”…and in the spring it rains “too much”. People’s desires change with the wind. What they call “good” one day is “bad” the next. Let’s make a choice, right now, not to take much stock in the shifting opinions of others anymore.


God sees us perfectly through His perfect eyes. We are Enough, not because we do enough, but because Jesus’ shed blood covers us and declares us Enough. In fact, we are MORE THAN ENOUGH! We are Good!

Do this exercise with me. Say this out loud:

God made _________________________(insert your name here) and said that she is Good.

Girl, you are Good. You are more than Enough. Don’t let those haters get you down. Just keep moving forward and singing your song.